Inventory & Internal Supply Chain Optimization


  • As a specialized software system, ADD*ONE optimizes the entire internal supply chain.
  • The system integrates demand forecasts, planning and controlling in just one software tool.
  • ADD*ONE is a modular system. It can be scaled to suit companies of all sizes. It complements existing ERP, PPC and warehouse management systems.


Michael Schwemmle

Michael Schwemmle

Tel: +49 (0)2408-92999-13



  • Reduce inventory

    Reduce your inventory by up to 40% while at the same time increasing availability.

  • Minimize planning effort

    Reduce your planning effort by 25 to 50% through the reliable automation of purchasing decisions.

  • Increase product availability

    Obtain a delivery capacity of close to 100% through high-quality planning.

  • Reduce procurement costs

    Cut procurement and inbound logistics costs with optimized orders and batch sizes

  • Optimize planning quality

    Planning quality is improved by creating cross-company planning transparency and pooling knowledge

  • Optimize Transparency

    Summarize a vast amount of individual pieces of information to conclusive key figures in an uncluttered graphical representation


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